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IndiGo is known for its cost-effective and standard services. They operate daily flights across the globe. They have managed to provide flawless services to passengers. You can easily book your ticket, select a seat, or cancel your flight. Reserving a seat is a trouble-free task. So do you want to know How to Reserve my seat in IndiGo? You can reserve your seat only after you have made the booking. You can not first reserve your seat and then proceed with the booking. IndiGo has devised a way to reserve seats hassle-free. You can avail the facility of seat reservation online. You have to pay extra charges to avail of these seats. You can select your seat according to your comfort.

Points to consider before reserving your seat at IndiGo

  • The service is not provided cost-free, so if you are looking to reserve your seat at IndiGo, you must pay the appropriate charges.

  • You can reserve your seat online. But if you choose not to, you will be provided with the leftover seats.

  • Select a seat according to your budget and comfort.

  • Most airlines provide Seats in economy class in three categories. IndiGo also provides the following three categories of seats in economy class:

               Basic economy

               Main cabin

               Premium economy

  • The difference among the following categories lies in extra space. Indigo also has a fourth category which is known as the preferred seat. You will get extra leg space here and also a complimentary drink.

  • Reserve a seat only after you have made your booking, as you are not allowed to select a seat first and then proceed with the booking.

  • You can select a window seat, aisle seat, or preferred seat starting at INR 150.

  • You cannot select a seat in a different class. If you have an economy-class ticket, you can not choose a business class seat. You have to choose the seat within the same class as mentioned on your ticket.

The process of reserving a seat

You can easily reserve your seat online. You have to be sure that you have already booked the ticket. You can move ahead with the following procedure:

  • You have to open the website of “IndiGo.”

  • Then you have to select “Manage booking.”

  • Under the manage booking, you have to put your booking reference number or your first name and last name to open your details.

  • Now select “Modify Flight.”

  • Now you will see the option “Select a Seat.”

  • Now choose the seat of your preference and proceed with the payment.

  • Once payment is made, you will get the confirmation of a seat through an email.

What will happen if I do not reserve a seat?

  • If you book a seat, you will get the seat of your choice. It can be a window, aisle, a preferred seat, etc.

  • If you do not select a seat, then you will be provided the seat that remains after everyone has chosen seats for themselves.

IndiGo provides you with a good option to choose your seat at an affordable rate. You can select from a variety of options. The approximate cost for a seat selection is around INR150-1000. If you face any trouble using their services, you can reach IndiGo Airlines Customer service. The highly experienced and professional customer support team will help you. IndiGo also provides the option to select a seat at the counter of IndiGo once you are check-in. But it will always be helpful if you book your set in advance.

If you have any queries regarding Indigo Flight Reservations and manage booking then you can connect with us through helpline number 802-209-2600.
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